eBay Bucks


eBay has a new cashback program called 'eBay bucks' whenever you see the 'bucks' symbol on something, it means that you qualify for 2% back. That 2% will come back in the form of an eBay certificate sent to you every 3 months for you to spend on eBay. It is an easy way to save more money when shopping on eBay.

I did some casual browsing and right now there doesn't seem to be a massive amount of qualifying purchases. So I cheated and went back to the Brand Outlet where I knew I would get some action. I looked up my favourite mini Dyson for comparison: a refurbished Dyson DC31 selling for $149.99 CAN. It tells you right on the auction that you would receive approx. $3.16 US back in eBay Bucks if you bought this. Which equals around 2%. I know it isn't tons, but for coupon clippers like me, it is pretty cool and can add up over time.

Thanks eBay: you have managed to impress me, for a brief moment!

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