Dealicious: $17 For $50 Worth of Ceylon Tea Sticks From Bistro Tea


You have 14 hours left for a really cool Canadian deal. Spend $17 to get $50 worth of Ceylon Tea Sticks from Bistro Tea Canada. This is through the new Canadian deal place, Dealicious! You can order the tea sticks online and can use up to 3 vouchers per order.

Make sure to choose Mississauga as your city to see the deal!

Further Details:

  • Valid for Ceylon Tea Sticks.
  • Valid for online orders.
  • Up to 3 vouchers per order.
  • Online orders under $99 subject to $10.95 shipping fee.
  • Orders over $99 receive free shipping.

In my house we have an entire cupboard full off tea and drink it frequently. The hardest decision is always : what kind of tea do you want?

Bistrotea is simply smart enables proper dosage without wastage, it doesn’t drip neither does it need wringing! It is also a perfectly well designed stirrer.

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