Candied Bath: Free Gift with $30 Purchase


We introduced Candied Bath before in THIS POST back when we had a coupon code for them. Well right now they are offering a free product with $30 purchase.

What will your free item be?

It could be a cupcake; it could be a bath melt; it may even be a bubble bar or a jar of our body frosting! It's a SURPRIZE!

That sounds really nice. They have Lush like products with a variety of snazzy scents so check them out. I love bubble bars myself, they produce mounds of bubbles, or at least the Lush ones do. I would love to try a Candied one out sometime.

Looking at the price of their items, youa re at least getting 10% of the value of your $30 purchase in the gift, possibly double or close to triple that.

What do you think?

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