Bargainmoose Contest: Win One of Two $60 Gelaskins Gift Vouchers!

* Expired - winners were  Marie and Cassie *

Here on Bargainmoose, there a couple of companies that really stand out by having both excellent products and excellent customer service. In our opinion, Gelaskins is one of those companies. We've mentioned them here quite a few times over the last few years, and we've always enjoyed supporting this Toronto based store. And they're supporting us too, by offering two Bargainmoosers $60 each to spend at their online store!

Almost everyone has a cellphone or laptop, so I think these gift vouchers would come in handy for a couple of the Bargainmoosers who might like to customise their devices. Gelaskins sell a huge range of skins and hardcovers for your devices, and you can even customise your own designs now too.

Prizes: 2x $60 Gelaskins gift vouchers

How to enter:

Click through to Gelaskins. Then, in the comments below, tell us what device(s) you would skin if you won a $60 prize


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Contest ends 26th June 2012

Don't forget, that if you're making an order for Gelaskins, there's a Bargainmoose exclusive Gelaskins discount code for an extra 10% discount.

Good luck Moosers!


  • Lexi
    I would love to get a few skins for my laptop and iPhone. A lot of people go bare with their devices, but I think that skins such as these give your electronics a bit more personality!
  • Jane
    I would skin my laptop and my android phone with Amy Sol prints :D
  • abegail
    i would like my iphone and ipad to have a new look...
  • ZinkFollowers
    I would buy my loved one the Bookshelf gelaskin she always wanted.
  • Jeff
    I would skin my Ipad for my twins with some fun cartoons.
  • Elisha
    I'd skin my laptop...and possible see if I could Macguyver one of the other skins to work on my ereader, since it's not supported...I don't know how I'd choose, though, there's so many gorgeous choices!
  • Annie
    iPhone 4S!
  • S
    My laptop and Nintendo DS for my daughter :-)
  • Jena8Celestino
    I would skin my laptop and my xbox 360 controller!
  • Jodi
    My HP laptop with Sanctuary by Ivy Jacobsen. It's so beautiful!
  • Mike G.
    I would gelaskin our iPad!
  • Sandra
    Ipod touch and laptop.
  • Deanne S.
    I would love one for my iPad and my 4S, had one on my old iPod from them and it held up great! Was even able to take it off and re-apply perfectly! They are great!!
  • Sam A.
    O Canada for new iPad and Cafe at Night for iPhone 4s.....thanks
  • Anne
    I would skin my itouch and netbook
  • S
    Probably my iPod touch. :)
  • Bea
    Oh, where to start??? Toys need fresh jammies. Playbook's black OEM jacket is tired looking for summer, the Kindle and the nubbly Kobo too. But mainly the Blackberry needs some fresh armour.
  • patkay
    I would skin my phone, my partners' phone also, and my laptop.
  • mariz
    i would skin my ipad and laptop
  • Sandy H.
    Would get 2 gelaskins for my laptop.
  • Mary
    My laptop and iPhone 3Gs could use them.
  • Kathleen
    My laptop and my ipod (I already have a Gelaskin for my phone).
  • Jen C.
    My iphone 4 that I just got and has no cover, I REALLY want meow by lora zombie!
  • Ceecee
    I would cover my laptop and my boyfriend's iphone. I looove how sleek and artistic these skins are!
  • Bluenoser
    I would skin my beloved netbook. It's almost 3 years old and getting a little slow, but I still love him. His name is Winchester.
    • Anna W.
      Awwww you named your netbook!
  • Lynn
    Alley By The Lake for my Blackberry Playbook and a skin for my Acer laptop.
  • Lucie
    I have so many devices that I could cover: laptops, cellphone, tablet... which to choose? Probably my newest device, my tablet. Thanks Gelaskins!
  • janicour
    I would skin my iphone. It needs a new look!
  • holly
    I would skin the new upcoming iPhone, I already have a gelaskin on my current iPhone.
  • Raquel G.
    Love all the great designs! I would probably skin up my new iPhone 4s and give my kindle a fun look with a skin too! So many choices...hmmm how to decide?! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
  • Norma
    I would cover my brand new S11 or S111 samsung phone I'm about to purchase, this week. I was looking for a cover for it and Gelskins is perfect. They have so many fabulous patterns.
  • Danielle
    I would skin my iPod and my blackberry :)
  • Joan J.
    Hi, I have an ereader that I love but, alas, there are no covers made for it!! ( Hip Street -7") I am currently using an old pencil case. Help! Joan
  • patty
    I would love to cover my IPad2:)
  • Stacie
    Currently have one for my laptop that I blackberry would be next!
  • Ang
    Wow! So much amazing artwork it would be hard to choose. I would love to give my laptop a facelift!
  • Maryhomemama
    My daughter designed her own for her first itouch but after it fell into the loo, she had to buy another! I would love to give her another skin for this second itouch.
  • larabeau
    I love their designs and art! I would skin my iPhone - for sure!
  • Paula
    I would skin my iPad!
  • Andy
    I would love to cover my 13" Mac Book Air ~ the only issue would be which great design to choose from!
  • Jenny
    Laptop and phone!
  • Donna
    I am saving up to get a macbook air, and already thinking about all the accessories I want for it. I'd love to get The Great Wave for the 13'' and the Keep Calm one for my Kobo eReader. Its hard to buy cases for the eReader because it's an older generation, so a gelaskin would be so awesome!
  • Alison G.
    I would love to skin my laptop!
  • koro
    Both my new samsung phone and my old, but super-loved laptop would get a new look!! (^o^)/
  • MH
    I'd cover my iPhone & iPad!
  • Benita
    Hoping to get an ipad for my birthday... so I'd skin that.
  • Lex
    I have an iPhone, so I'd get a skin for that!! :)
  • Kim
    I would happily gelaskin my IPhone4 device
  • Kristi R.
    My netbook would get a new look.
  • tammy
    i would skin my tablet and computer to brag about them
  • emilie
    Hoping for a kobo,s cover!
  • cindy
    I have a gelaskin for my iphone (through bargainmoose!) and so I'd love a matching one for my playbook! Didn't know they offer skins for so many different products.
  • Kim
    I have a Kobo Vox which my son loves to play with. I'd love to have a Gelaskin to help protect it and this is the first place I've found that has them to fit my e-reader! (...and so stylish too!!)
  • james
    I would skin my nook simple touch and blackberry
  • Wajiha
    I would skin my iPhone and laptop :)
  • Marie
    I would definitely skin my ipad 2 + iphone 4s
  • Caryn
    My 13" MacBook Air! Would look wonderful dressed up in The World.
  • Rita
    My iPhone 4S, definitely. My laptop as well if I can get away with it. :)
  • Himanshu
    Yes, I would like to skin my Laptop and Phone (Google Nexus). :)
  • Lynne H.
    call me old fashioned but I kinda like 'birth of venus: :)
  • Brenda
    I'd love the Sea Garden and Vintage Flower gelskins for my IPhone 4!
  • jane
    omg my little sister would love this , looking for a skin for her!
  • Trun
    We'd skin our 3DSes, my husband and I both wound up with the same colour -- and likely both our phones too, which are also identical! $60 goes a long way there. I've used Gelaskins before and they're pretty fantastic.
  • Cassie
    I have a gelaskin on my ipod and kobo. I would love to get my iphone to match them too :)
  • ravefirell
    My Samsung Galaxy Tab has been black and plain for a long time and I feel it's time for a change. "Climb" looks like a great skin for this. (; Of course customizing it would be the preferred option.
  • Catfish
    I would skin my family's cell phones. Already used their product... very happy.
  • jenniferanne
    I would skin my phone and my kobo.... both could stand to be 'refreshed' and given a new look!
  • sheila
    I would skin my laptop and playbook
  • Stu
    I'd go for the elephant with calf Iphone skin:
  • Veronica
    Would love a skin for my brand new Ipod Touch!
  • peepsi16
    GET OUT!!! a chance to win a gelaskin!?! My friend is sporting a new gela and ive been eyeing them! So many patterns to choose from, and I love em all! I would def get a skin for my iphone! maybe my running ipod too!
  • Alexandra
    I would definetly get one for my Ipad, probably the one called "Blue Willow".
  • Suzanne
    I would love to get the "elephant and calf" or "rooted in earth" for my iPad
  • Leisau
    Love the gelaskins! I would love to get a skin for my iphone 4 and ipad2.
  • Sandy
    I would skin my laptop with Shore by Lawrence Yang. His other one called Bloom is pretty cool too. Would love to find a skin for my phone too but not sure if the motorola droid is the same as my motorola milestone.
  • Shirley
    I would skin my iPhone for sure! Love these and can't wait to see if I win! I never win ANYTHING and I am feeling lucky! :)
  • Robyn
    I would skin my Wii and my Wiimotes, and I think I would skin them with the Supernova Remnant pattern.
  • megan
    I think I'd skin my (dirty) laptop and my iPhone 4S.
  • KathyO
    My iPhone4 would love a GelaSkin!
  • melissa
    I would get a great skin for my samsung galaxy iiS. Its new and needs some protecting.
  • Steve A.
    I would skin my iPad2. Thanks!
  • Lynnette
    My Sony T1 reader would look great in a Gelaskin!
  • Phebe
    I would definitely skin my iPad2 with one of the many super duper cool Gelaskins!
  • Lindsay
    I would skin our iPhone 4s with the new hard cases!
  • Anysia
    Was just drooling over their designs the other day. I'd skin my ereader, my touchpad and my ipod.
  • peepsi16
    anyone know who won?
    • Anna W.
      Will announce winners when I have confirmation :)

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