Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 eBay Gift Card (EXPIRED)


*** Contest now closed, winner was Moose Jolene! ***

Do you like spending money on eBay? How about $250? All you have to do is enter our contest for your chance to win a $250 gift card to spend on anything you want over at eBay.

I love shopping at eBay as they really have everything and they have some really kick-butt deals. For example, they just started their Deal Frenzy, which has deals on for as much as 70% off and are all featured items from trusted sellers. The trusted sellers part gets me the best as you really don't want to buy anything from someone who can't be trusted, especially refurbs or electronics. These deals end on September 20th and of particular note, I am very interested in this KitchenAid heavy duty pro 500 stand mixer. For $249.99 U.S. (about $276.80 CDN), this is truly a steal. There are some shipping and import charges you should be aware of when you buy though. There are deals that ship from Canada as well.

If that amount of shipping throws you off, you could check out the free shipping deals that are also up to 60% off. I personally try to only shop with free shipping, so this is a much better option for me. This mini portable HD LED projector is something I'd love to have for my family room. It ships free and comes to $71.97, which is a nice price!

Brand Vault is pretty cool if you like shopping directly by brand rather than random searching on the site. For example, you can shop directly from NewEgg on eBay for almost anything in electronics.

How to win this prize?

Comment below on the following question(s):

What was your best ever eBay find? If you've never shopped at eBay, what is your dream find?

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 22nd September 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


  • Tracy
    My best find on eBay was a CHI flat iron - this was years ago, but I remember it being a pretty good deal. ^_^
  • kisten
    My best find was a HOUSE MD t-shirt.
  • robyn
    My best find by far was a university text book...brand new..... that saved me almost 100$. I still don't understand how they sold it for so little!
  • Sherry K.
    I was looking for a sander and at stores near and far from me it was about $250. I found the same one on eBay for $99 and it shipped from Canada very reasonably.
  • Sonya
    The best deal I ever got was a horse bridle, over 90% off retail!
  • Lucie
    I found a Nike men's wallet that I had been looking for... And at a great price too!
  • Cecilia
    Its been awhile since I bought anything from Ebay. I only bought beads for jewelry making.
  • Cecilia
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  • Sherry K.
  • Sherry K.
  • Lisa A.
    Best eBay find has to be the antique mini oil feeders (for old sewing machines) that I bought for my dad's collection. He was thrilled with them! :)
  • Tom
    What a great price ... my best find was replica jersey for my men's hockey team .. we looked like PROs
  • Anne V.
    my best find was a vintage Bay blanket for my boyfriend
  • 1suprdad
    I have been looking to get a large original Superman statue (by Jim Lee). It would be for my youngest son, to complement the Batman statue (by Jim Lee) that I have for my oldest son (which I bought when it first came out). All I see so far is the small statue copy, but I am always looking for the original full size one.
  • Lori C.
    I found the most awesome Titanic poster on ebay. I've never seen this poster before or of a kind find!
  • Danielle
    I have never purchased from Ebay but my dream item would have to be a Michael Kors bag!
  • UncleStuart
    I got this handy little knife that's in the shape of a credit card!! $0.97 with free shipping.
  • Catherine (.
    My best deal was a wedding dress for me - total of $82 after tax and shipping from the USA to Canada!
  • Johanna
    Replacement cap for my husband's camera lens. Cost next to nothing and saved the lens! ps I subscribe.
  • roofeo24
    My best find was a telescope. It's amazing what you can see when you open your eyes to the universe.
  • Linda B.
    My dream would be to buy out of print books
  • Ann
    Found the Knorr salt and papper shakers that I had been looking for.
  • Stacie
    I enjoy shopping on eBay - just even browsing. My best finds are vintage Fisher Price toys for my kids!
  • Laura
    Vintage skeleton keys
  • melanie
    Amazing deals on designer clothes...lots of cases where I paid 10% of original price. Right now my fave is a serape free people cardigan I bought
  • Scott
    My best ever eBay find was a wireless router for my home back. Got it from the U.S. back in the day when they were super expensive up here in Canada. Bonus contest entries! • I subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates. • Posted a link to this contest on my wall • Liked Bargainmoose.
  • Lesley
    I'm an eBay shopaholic!!! My best buy would be a brand new, still in the box, pair of Vans with pink and grey stars all over them for $9.00. One of the favs in my sneaker collection :)
  • jumpingranny
    My best was a chef's Mandoline, I have it in my Kitchen and I use it often.
  • Donnas
    I've never shopped on eBay but I know a co-worker who bought some like new clothes for her grandson. I'd like to score some kitchen ware for myself.
  • Donnas
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  • Donnas
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  • Sue
    Rare kids books would thrill me :)
  • Donnas
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  • Lisa
    My best find on EBay was a lot of Disney Trading pins.
  • Paula
    I recently purchased my daughter a fantastic Desigual top on eBay, used but a great deal! Next I am looking for more Desigual fashions for her :)
  • Nicholas
    One of my favourite movies Delicatessen, which is out of print and impossible to find.
  • James
    Mine was a comic. First appearance of a character I liked, comic was published by a small little company before it got picked up by one of the big ones. The issue was running about $40-60 anywhere I saw it. But one day on Ebay, I see this garbled half french/half english listing with a low starting price and I recognize the cover. I take a shot and throw my bid in and win. For $1.50 with $3 shipping!! I think if it's a fake, I'm not out much. But BAM, arrives, it's in great condition and it's real. Best find for me.
  • judy
    sterling silver flatware, i don"t think they knew it was pure 925 set for 8 for 69.99 amazing
  • Moe
    I bought some Crest whitestrips for 1/10th the cost I would pay in drugstore.
  • William
    A nice pair of camo pants.
  • Carolyn
    Electronics, mostly
  • Laurel
    My best find!! My snowshoes - Louis Garneau brand at an amazing price!! My dream find? Altra shoes in my size !! Thanks for this chance!
  • Bernzo
    Best find on ebay: old coins...wish list...perfume, jewelry, wigs, makeup, collectables....I Love!!
  • Shirley
    Never made a purchase yet, but would love to get a knitting machine.
  • Carrie
    I used to actively collect My Little Pony porcelain figurines and I always scored great deals on them through ebay :)
  • Scott
    My best find was a rare cast iron model car
  • Gillian
    Magnatiles - they are so expensive in the stores and my kids love them!!
  • Allison
    Don't buy much on their, but I bought a bunch of generic mr clean erasers (Melamine foam), much cheaper. I actually need to buy some more...
  • Lisa H.
    I found a Nike men’s wallet that I had been looking for… And at a great price too!
  • Tim
    best find is cheap printer toner... 4 pack of toner that should last years!
  • GS
    Best find .... An RV...home away from home !
  • Rick
    My best ever find on Ebay was an indoor climbing tree for my cat who had a kidney disease and couldn't go out much. He loved that tree and although he passed away I still have the tree and think of him always.
  • darci
    My best deal was a car part for my father in law for a 50's truck..couldnt find it anywhere and then..yep there it was!
  • Janet
    A piece of vintage jewelry I had scoured the web for!
  • Sarina
    The best eBay find I ever bought was THE perfect pair of blue leather heels for my wedding, a style that had been discontinued by my favourite shoe brand a few years back.
  • michelle
    well I am still looking for a le Creuset lid for my vintage pot! my best deal was a big lot of gymboree clothes for my daughter
  • rupture
    The best buy I've found so far was definitely a genuine Burberry polo for half the price with what I would have gotten it for at retail.
  • james
    Found an ipad 4 with case for a super good deal! My girlfriend was so happy on her birthday.
  • Juli
    I found vintage sewing patterns at bargain prices
  • cgxo1
    I would love to have the Kitchenaid Pro 500 Stand Mixer! It would be perfect to have for holiday baking.
  • Maegan M.
    The best find that I ever had on ebay was when I was shopping with my bestie and we found her a pair of 700.00 shoes for 150.00! It was such an amazing deal and she really loved them.
  • Maegan M.
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  • Jasen H.
    My best ebay find would have to be a top loading NES console
  • zahra p.
    My best ebay find was my protein powder which worked out to be $15 cheaper per cannister which was an amazing deal.
  • zahra p.
    I subscribe via email too
  • Steve
    My best find was back in the day when POG was in. I believe I got a steel slammer for less than $5. That was a steal (excuse the pun) at the time!
  • Vanessa V.
    I found my favorite perfume that I can't get in the store anymore!
  • Valerie D.
    my best deal was a saxophone brand new for $250 I love it :D
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  • Mike G.
    my best find was a collectible coin
  • katama381
    Headphones at a great price!
  • Elaine
    My dream find would be a special or custom guitar for my husband!
  • Wendy P.
    I love shopping on eBay for discontinued items from Bath & Body Works. This is often the only place I can find them!
  • Donna L.
    My dream find would be a designer dining table and chairs at an awesome price.
  • Donna L.
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  • Donna L.
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  • Karim
    My best find was and continues to be used video games at reasonable prices
  • Giselle
    Wax strips lol for $5 cheaper then anywhere else
  • Norm C.
    Cheap humidifier filters. I saved $20.
  • Anita
    I bought a ton of items for my wedding off of ebay and saved SO much money...from fake rose petals to the place cards, I found some amazing items and amazing deals on eBay and it helped me stay on budget while planning a great wedding :)
  • natalie d.
    my best find was scrapbooking items that were not available in canada. great deals and very cheap shipping from the states
  • anny
    Best find was a coach madison new handbag. I'm looking for a coach leather crossbody.
  • Nena S.
    I love eBay and my best find was an antique map of Iceland (my Mom is Icelandic) from the 1700's and I paid very little for it. I found the same map elsewhere for WAY MORE money!
  • julie
    I would like to find vintage cookbooks!!!
  • Julie
    My best find was some custom made leather seat covers for our truck...a must with a kid and a dog!
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  • Lisa A.
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  • Karla S.
    I`ve gotten phone cases and charging cords on ebay for less than a dollar,,shipping included! :)
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  • Mike D.
    My best ever find was a motorcycle with 1000 miles on the odometer.
  • William C.
    found a good deal on a watch.
  • lennypuz
    I scored a members only swarovski necklace on ebay...years ago and I still wear it!!!
  • Diane
    a make-up concealer stick for my mom, that had been discontinued and we couldn't find anywhere
  • bargain_mooser_515
    Best deal I got was some of my favourite cologne at half the price it retails at stores where I live. Also there are very cheap deals on good phone cases.
  • Wendy
    My best find was old Cabbage Patch Kid clothes. I also subscribe to your emails newsletters:)
  • Nina M.
    every cake/fondant plunger I get from ebay is 1/5 the price or less than buying here! Great deals!
  • Nina M.
    I get your daily emails
  • Sean M.
    really hard to find electronic items at great prices.
  • Megan
    My Best eBay finds are phone cases, they are so much cheaper than in stores and there are so many to choose from!
  • Marcus L.
    I am an avid Funko Pop Vinyl collector, and have been fortunate to find some great deals on eBay!
  • Angelene A.
    I have not shopped on EBay, but I would love to check and buy a real leather Coach!
  • gary
    shark teeth for my son
  • Jolene F.
    I have got a lot of great deals on ebay! My favorite is the quilting fabric. I always get a better deal than anywhere else. I also love to buy Japanese craft books. I have a nice collection of them now, thanks to Ebay :)
  • Rebby
    My BEST Ebay find was a box of clothes that fit like a glove for $7!!
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  • lilpeej
    My best ever eBay find was a lovely Madonna vase for a special gift for my mother. She really liked it!
  • lilpeej
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  • Kay
    I won a new 7piece bedding set for 11$. It was beautiful and great quality!
  • Janine F.
    Swarvoski crystal figurine of two foals
  • Jennifer L.
    I'd love to find a great old Lego set for my son.
  • Jennifer L.
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  • ginette4
    I've never shopped on eBay but I wish I could find a Canon camera within my budget
  • ginette4
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  • Danielle
    My best find was an awesome Lululemon bag that I got about 10 years ago, I still use it and it still looks nice and stylish!
  • sheila
    My best find was a pair of leather boots
  • Mr. C.
    Just got a Monster Superstar bluetooth speaker for about half the retail price... and in Canada too... Can you say MAJOR SCORE!!
  • Sarah
    A nice surfboard
  • witchblade
    I found a MT-32 MIDI module. I dreamed about playing PC game with the device when I was young. It was costing well over a $1000 at the time. Got it for $100 shipped a few years ago.
  • Josee
    I would spend on a stand mixer just like the picture ! But my best buys, are watches !
  • Michelle E.
    My favourite find is finding a lady who does pictures for birthday cakes. I've used her for years! Good luck everyone!
  • Quynh P.
    won a necklace for 3$
  • Michelle
    Best deal I got on Ebay was a pair of Jeffrey Campbell "Joe" lace-up boots, which retail close to $300 on Anthropologie, for half-price including shipping. They're my babies and I've gotten so many compliments on them over the years, from ladies and gentlemen alike. One of my favourite purchases.
  • Mei
    Unique heels for my wedding!
  • Andre
    I won a cellphone in an auction; Original price $350, won it for $180! Ebay is also awesome for finding unique items that you wouldnt find anywhere else. I'm actually looking to buy some film for an old Polaroid camera I have, so fingers crossed :)
  • Jenny
    This may be weird, but my favourite ebay find is my eyebrow pencil. It works great, is inexpensive, and I can't leave the house without using it. I bought a backup right away. It's a gem
  • Jenny
    I sub to emails!
  • Jenny
  • L
    Got a good deal on a used graphics card one time.
  • Alice H.
    A Disney antenna ball I didn't have and no longer sold at Disneyland!
  • Jonathan C.
    My best find that I HOPE to find will be an iphone5s because like i never had an iphone and everytime i literally dream of owning an iphone, i wake up to nothing and i get all depressed lol
  • Norine
    My best eBay purchase was a part for my Harley bike. It was priced over $1000 at Harley and we found it on eBay for just over $100. The part was new and it works great on my bike. We check eBay first for all our bike parts now. :)
  • Piroska
    My best deal was on a lot of antique dolls--fabulous price and great condition. Loved them!
  • Piroska
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  • Lisa
    Best find - 6 rolls of basket weaving reed for $30....
  • peachie
    I never shopped on ebay. I wish to get a good deal on vacuum cleaner.
  • Josie
    Got a great deal on some uggs
  • Josie
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  • Brett
    My best find was a beautiful old camera lens made in the former USSR.
  • sandra
    Have never shopped Ebay but would like to find unique items and I hear this is the place to find them.
  • Elisha
    I've found some great deals on beads on ebay.
  • Elisha
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  • Linda
    My dream find would be an apple ipad.
  • Mei
    I found on ebay a bracelet watch that I really loved and wear it on special occasions
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  • Bryan
    A Jawbone Bluetooth headset - best part of the deal was that my wife bought it for me! ;)

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