ArcSoft: Halloween Sale - Up to 50% off Photo and Video Software!

24 October 2013


ArcSoft is like a kid who trick-or-treats as a care bear in grade ten. Push him down and take up to 50% off his software!

ArcSoft is really stepping up to the plate with their deals lately. Usually it comes in the form of great coupons but this one is a straight up sale. So let's see what loot they brought us!

They have six individual programs on sale:

Those are all pretty good deals but the megawork deals are in their packs. They have two of them. They Video Pack Platinum includes TotalMedia TheatreShowBiz and MediaConverter and is 50% off. Normally all that software is $239.97 but you save $119.98. Grand total is only $119.99. That's a $62.98 savings off of the SALE prices.

The other pack is their Photo Mate pack for $99.99. That's 35% off of the regular price of $159.98. You're saving $59.99. You're going to get PhotoStudio and Perfect365. If you bought those products separately even at the sale prices you're saving $9.99.

(Expires: 1st November 2013, 12:00PM PST)

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