Amazon Canada: Up To 78% Off Z By Malouf Memory Foam Pillows & More (EXPIRED)

6 July 2014


Amazon Canada has a huge sale on Z by Malouf Memory Foam Pillows with up to 78% off king, queen, standard, and travel pillows.

These deals are so good I might just replace all the pillows on our bed. This Z by Malouf Aeration Pillow with Removable Bamboo Velour Cover and three year warranty was originally $129.99 and is now on sale for $29.99. The pillow is filled with air cushioning polyethylene tubes for proper posture, airflow, and comfort while providing a hypoallergenic solution to the buckwheat pillow.

The Z by Malouf Z-Gel Infused Dough Memory Foam Pillow with Removable Velour Cover and five year warranty was $119.99 for the standard size, which is now on sale for $29.99. That is equal to 75% off, with the queen pillow at 73% off and the king size pillow at 70% off. It is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant while being cool and comfortable for sweet dreams. The Z by Malouf Z-Gel Infused Dough Memory Foam Contour Pillow looks to be the exact same material, just in a contoured shape, and it is 77% off in the standard size. originally $79.99, it is now $19.99. The queen and king sizes are also on sale for good prices.

My favourite of the pillows for sale is this Z by Malouf Dough Memory Foam + Liquid Z-Gel Pillow with Removable Velour Cover and five year warranty. I absolutely hate warm pillows, so I am constantly flipping my pillow each time I wake up. The Liquid Z-Gel captures and distributes heat to keep your head cool. The standard sized pillow is on sale from $129.99 down to $29.99. While the standard is 77% off, the queen size is 75% off and the king size is 70% off.

The travel pillows are a great deal too. There is nothing like going away on a nice vacation only to find a lumpy pillow. This Z by Malouf Travel Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow was $79.99 and is now $16.99. It is a great little pillow to use for flights or to sleep on the ferry. I notice many people do not even bother getting out of their vehicles on the ferry; rather they just flop over in their vehicles and catch forty winks between the mainland and Vancouver Island.

There are so many more pillow deals than just these. Check them all out at the main link above.

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  • Colin
    Great deal, except they ship from the US and shipping costs a fortune. $59.99 for shipping one pillow, almost as much as the pillow itself.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Hi Colin! The above deal is from 2014 and expired now - at the time of writing, these were shipped and sold by themeslves :)

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