Amazon Canada: Up To 70% Off SafeRest Mattress & Pillows Protectors

7 September 2014


Protect your mattress or pillow with SafeRest's protectors and encasements. These are on sale right now at Amazon and are up to 70% off the original price, starting at just $34.95. Depending on the size, pillow protectors start at $13.99 and mattress protectors start at $29.95.

Poopsplosion, blowout, whatever you want to call it, it happens and it sucks. I'm definitely speaking from experience as I have had a lot of these already from co-sleeping and just from changing my baby on the bed in general. Just a couple of days ago, it happened again and this time was so bad that I had to Google how to remove poop stains from the mattress and this prompted me to look for a waterproof mattress cover.

SafeRest's mattress protector definitely features everything I need and more and considering it usually retails for close to $100 (depending on the size), then it's definitely well worth it. Below are the different ones available and how much you can expect to pay right now:

The king sized one, for instance, is actually 71% off and on top of being waterproof, also protects from all of the following: dust mites, fluids, urine, perspiration, allergens and bacteria. Plus, it's made of hypoallergenic cotton and SafeRest's promises that it's both noiseless and breathable. Even more surprising is that out of 40 reviews, there is a general consensus of 4.8 stars out of 5 with happy comments like this one:

I recently purchased this mattress protector. To be honest you hardly know that it is there - and that is a good thing! There is no plastic sounds when you move and the protector does not bunch up. Even though you hardly know it is there - I am pretty sure it is very good at protecting the mattress because when I wash it, I can see how durable the cover is etc.

Price comparing also proved that for its price, this is definitely the best mattress protector available out there as well. The cheapest I found on Sears is the basic waterproof mattress pad, which is $23.99 for a queen-sized bed and $28.79 for king but it doesn't even come close to SafeRest's quality. Although it's waterproof, it doesn't offer protection against the number of elements that SafeRest's one down and it also isn't hypoallegenic.

On top of other sizes of mattress protectors and encasements, there are also a couple of options for pillows:

Shipping is free on orders over $25.

(Image Credit: Mark Evans)

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