Amazon Canada: Save 20% on Select Rosetta Stone Learning Packs

8 February 2013

Amazon Canada is positioning this sale as a way to learn to say "love" in 31 languages. Obviously a Valentines day based thing. I say if you really want to impress someone, learn how to say "anterior interventricular artery" or "auricle of right atrium" in another language.

I don't know how fast you can learn another language with Rosetta Stone so you may not have time to learn the entire anatomy of the heart in Hebrew by Valentine's day but it's worth a try, right? Maybe not...

I've never used Rosetta Stone but I've heard of a few people who really like it and say it works. I suspect if it didn't work, the company wouldn't have been around as long as it has. One of these days I really should pick up a copy. I wouldn't mind learning German or Russian, the most romantic languages in the world.

There are 31 languages represented in this sale and you can pick up individual levels or buy all the levels of a specific language in a pack to save a bit more money.

(Expires: 18th February 2013)

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  • Stephanie
    Are you being sarcastic about Russian being most romantic in the world? Because when my husband and his family talk, they could be saying the sweatest things, but it sounds like they are telling eachother off. Spanish ... Now THAT is sexy.
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Yea, it's gotta be sarcasm!! "I love you" in German really is not romantic!!
  • Shawn M.
    Ich liebe dich mit ganzem Herzen, Bargainmoose!!!! *clears throat* How is that not romantic!?

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