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This is not so much a sale, as it is just a very good price on batteries. Amazon Canada sells PerfPower Go Green batteries for much cheaper than the competition does for the same size batteries. You can get bulk bundles for amazing prices compared to buying one of the big brands.

First off, we need to clear up some things about batteries. You will see a couple different qualities and the prices reflect that. Heavy Duty (while it sounds impressive), is not as high quality as an Alkaline battery and will not last as long. It is not built for the rigours of game controllers or anything that sucks a lot of power. Many people buy heavy-duty batteries and then complain they do not last as long as Duracell or Energizer. Well, you need to compare apples to apples. Therefore, I will be concentrating on the PerfPower Alkaline battery deals.

Now, if you are a heavy battery user, then you can also buy the AAA and AA batteries in 48 packs. The 24 packs average 33 cents per battery while the 48 packs average 31 cents per battery.

There are a couple other reasons why I like PerfPower. Their batteries are made with recycled and recyclable paper, plastic, and steel can where possible and their packaging uses soy ink. PerfPower also donates a portion of their proceeds to Autism Speaks (go charity!).

As for performance, their batteries are third party tested and compare with the major brands for performance. If you are looking for longer lasting batteries though, you can always buy super-Alkaline. These PerfPower Go Green Super Alkaline, AAA Batteries, 4 Count are just $2.99. That works out to 37 cents a battery.

The competition? Well, they fail. I was looking for D batteries for our stationary bike. Duracell sells a double 8-pack (16 batteries) for $26.76. Energizer sells a pack of 12 for $19.99. Let us compare:

  • Perfpower: 86 cents per D battery
  • Duracell: $1.67 per D battery
  • Energizer: $1.67 per D battery

I call that winning by a landslide. They also seem to have decent reviews on

Haven't worn any out yet and seem to be holding up to hard use. Good value. Will buy these again.

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