Amazon Canada: 47% Off Spawn The Dark Ages Complete Collection

28 April 2013

Amazon Canada has this glorious hardcover of "Spawn: The Dark Ages Complete Collection" on pre-order. The list price is $75 and it is currently discounted to $39.46!

I really don't know much about the series, so here is a quick rundown:

Spawn: The Dark Ages Complete Collection reprints the journey of Lord Covenant, a 12th Century knight killed in a holy crusade far from his homeland, who returns to Earth as a HellSpawn. As a plague of violence and turmoil blankets the English countryside, the Dark Knight must choose whether to align himself with the innocent inhabitants of the once-thriving kingdom, or with the malevolent forces of evil and corruption. Featuring behind-the-scenes bonus art and a cover gallery, Spawn: The Dark Ages Complete Collection is the first time the series will be collected in a hardcover, oversized format. Reprints issues #1-28.

This book is MASSIVE! We are talking 700 pages of fantastic art. It is scheduled to come out the 4th of June, 2013 so you have a bit of time to pre-order.

The great thing with pre-orders is you lock in the lowest price. If the book drops in price you will automatically get the lower price. If the book goes up in price you will still pay what you pre-ordered it for.

Get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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