Amazon Canada: 30% Off Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent - Now $52

amazon-genji-tent Amazon has a great deal on the Genji Sports pop up family beach tent and beach sunshelter. Get it for just $51.80, which is 30% off its original price of $74.

My baby is already three months and although summer is coming to an end, I have been wanting to relax in the yard with her but still have her shielded from the sun. The Genji sports pop up family beach tent is definitely a great compromise as although it's not a full blown tent, it's also an adult version of the many similar kids' tents. Canadian Tire has the cool-looking Broadstone pop-up sun shelter but it's more expensive at $69.99.

According to the description, it's "self expanded in one second, folds down in 3 seconds" but judging by the couple of reviews, the first couple of times you fold/ unfold it may be challenging but I'm sure that once the technique has been mastered, then it's a piece of cake from there. In fact, here's what on reviewer had to say about it:

Really great size and functional. Perfect for older kids to change in and warm up. Great for babies to keep them out of the wind and sun. The first couple times folding it down was confusing but it's easy now and super portable in he provided bag.

Large enough for 2 adults, 1 adult with kids or simply numerous kids, what's great is that it can also be planted into the ground, which is a definite plus for those extra windy days. In either case, you wouldn't want your child moving it anyway. Even better is that the canopy is also UV protected, though I would still apply sunscreen on my baby just in case. As with any other tent, this one also comes with a carrying case that has a shoulder strap to help keep your hands free to carry anything else you might need. This is definitely a great tent for the beach, as the picture shows, but I could see it being more versatile than that like for use in the backyard, camping, etc.

You also won't have to worry about any additional fees as this tent qualifies for free shipping since Amazon ships most orders over $25 for free.

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  • DP
    When you place the order, shipping charges of $12.29 are applied, there is no free shipping on this order.
    • Margarita D.
      Hi DP, when you get to the checkout, your order should qualify for free super saving shipping. It's not automatically selected, however, so you would need to switch to it to remove the $12.29 charge. Let us know if it works for you!
      • DP
        thanx, your suggestion worked!
        • Margarita D.
          Awesome! Keep us posted on how you like the tent. :)

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