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Hearken back to the mid-80s for this wonderful little sci-fi series called Space: Above and Beyond. The series was short-lived (23 episodes), but it is a real treasure for anyone who used to watch it on TV or who enjoys older sci-fi. Space: Above and Beyond - The Complete Series is now on sale at from $49.98 retail down to $6.99.

For $7, you are receiving a five-disk set with 23 episodes (including part 1 and part 2 of the pilot for technically 24 episodes in total). Each episode was approximately 45 minutes long. That is a lot of entertainment for only a few dollars.

I have only seen this price once before, and I thought it was such a niche product that it was not worth blogging. Then in conversation to a friend of mine, I mentioned it and he nearly went ballistic. Evidently, he had watched the series when he was younger and LOVED it. It is incredible hard to find (no kidding!) and could not believe I had found a copy and the price just blew his mind. He asked me to buy him a copy. Then, he phoned me back asking me to purchase a second copy because he had mentioned it to a friend of his whom also flipped his top over the set.

Therefore, suddenly I found myself purchasing two copies of a TV series I had never seen that I thought no one would know about. Funky stuff. The deal ended very soon after that, but it is back so I just have to blog it. As I do not know much about the series, here is the description from Amazon:

In this cult fan favorite, it’s the year 2063. After 150 years of deep space exploration, the people of Earth feel certain they are alone in the universe. Then word comes that two Earth outposts light-years away from home have been brutally attacked by an advanced alien civilization. Now the new young recruits of the United States Marine Corps Space Aviator Calvary are heading for the front lines of space in the toughest battle the world has even faced.

My friend was right, the series is impossible to find elsewhere. I searched Best Buy, Future Shop, HMV, and Walmart. None of the usual places had any copies. I did find the complete collection of Space: Above and Beyond at on sale for $28.25. That was really the only other trace of this set I could find.

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  • Anna W.
    Loved this show!

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