Good Deal on Shrek The Whole Story Quadrilogy DVD or Blu-Ray


For those who are up on their big green ogre news, know that there were 4 Shrek movies. They have released them as a boxed set called Shrek "The Whole Story Quadrilogy." I found the DVD copy at Amazon for only $35.14 and the Blu-ray copy for $45.93. The set includes 5 disks, so the 4 movies plus hours of extras.

Both are for a great value. I price compared with Best Buy and they have the DVD set for $42.99 and the Blu-ray set for $60.99. You can see the savings pretty easily.


  • Phil
    The DVDs are $29.67 at
    • Avigayil
      Your right, thanks. I had tried searching for "the whole story quadriology" and they don't have quadrilogy in the name so no wonder I didn't find it. Here is the link through: However, their Blu-Ray version is more expensive at $54.74

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