55% off Entire Series of Rescue Me (Save $53)

28 November 2012

Amazon's Week of Cyber Monday deals continues on with another great TV series on DVD.

The regular price on this is $95.99 but you save $52 and only end up paying $42.99. You can barely buy two somewhat new-ish movies on DVD for that much. A movie ticket and snacks for you and a homeless guy you found bumming money outside of a Del Taco in Spring, Texas, would cost you more than that.

I haven't seen this show before but I know a lot of people dig it. I guess people would have to have liked it for it to run for seven seasons.

Like I said though, I've not seen it so here is a nice, concise review from someone who bought it at

Rescue Me shows a great balance between dark and light comedy/drama, of all of life problems post 9/11, for a fire crew in a firehouse in New York City, and how all of them deal in their own ways with their personal demons, but having a lot of comedy to balance the serious content in the show.

Sounds like a pretty good show and probably right up my wife's aisle (I'm more of a sitcom kinda guy) so I think I'll point it out to her. In any event, if you are already a fan or are looking for something new, this is a great buy.

(Expires: 28th November 2012)

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