$50 Amazon Canada Video Game Store Gift Card w/ xBox 360

28 December 2012

There are a lot of constants in life. We're all going to die. The sun always rises in the east. And we always have to shell out another $50 for a game after we get a new console. The only way to get around it is to buy your xBox 360 from Amazon Canada and have them buy your game for you.

I wish that you got this deal every time you bought a console. I understand it'd be hard and expensive to let you pick whatever game you want and get ir for free with every console but maybe the console manufacturer could let you pick a game that they published. Buy an xBox, get a Microsoft game, buy a PS3, get a Sony Game. Buy a Wii U and get a terrible console... I mean a Nintendo game.

Well, that's just a dream at this point so companies like Amazon Canada have to step in and hook us up. Like I said in the title, the gift card is only valid for video games purchased from Amazon Canada, not for general Amazon purchases. Also, it isn't an actual card, it's a virtual one. They email you a coupon code that you can use to save $50 off your game purchase. The xBox is the $199.99 4GB version of the 360.

As per usual, purchases over $25 ship for free from Amazon.

(Expires: 31st December 2012)

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