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65% Off All Calendars!

Every year at Christmas, I gift family members with calendars that are imprinted with all the important celebrated dates in our family. This includes birthdays, anniversaries, up-coming weddings, and anything else I can think of. We also customize the calendar with family vacation pictures, or other creative themes.

The interface of Photobook Canada is very easy to work with, you'll really enjoy creating your own calendar. To personalize dates on the calendar there is a text box you can click on - drag and size it to the square box of the calendar date, and type in details of the event.

Photobook Canada is offering 65% off all calendars. Use code MEMORIES16 during checkout to receive the discount.

I don't care if it is July, I'm still going to order calendars now for Christmas gifts. There have been many 'Christmas sales in July' sales recently and this one has perfect timing.

For pricing, a 12" x 12" (28 page) calendar sells for $29.99 but with your discount it will cost $10.50. There are other calendars that are smaller, etc. at lower prices so make sure you check them all out!

Shipping fees are shown below in the image; the more you purchase, the higher shipping is. Depending on the cost of your order, you may incur additional fees at the door for cutoms & duty. Orders under $20 USD would generally not have additional fees.

In my case I need 6 calendars, so will pay $85.99 total (not including taxes) which is only $14.33 per calendar. That's a great price on these, as typically I would pay closer to $20 each including shipping where I buy mine.

(Deal expiry: August 2nd, 2016)


  • Cactusrose3

    Watch out for duty fees. They ship from Malaysia. I ordered a canvas print and was charged $25 just for duties. 

  • Eryn

    Thanks for the tip! Valid point. 

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