92% Off Bessky 2015 Quadcopter Was $100 | Now $8.79 & Free Shipping @ Amazon *SUPER HOT* (EXPIRED)


I just found a FANTASTIC deal for you in the Amazon Canada marketplace. The Bessky High Quanlity JJRC H6C New Version 2.4G 4CH Headless Mode Quadcopter with 2MP Camera is on sale for just $8.79 with free shipping directly from Bessky! The original price on Amazon is $100.65, whick is a little high. However, That's Easier sells this Quadcopter on their website for $49.47 USD so the original price at Amazon Canada is not that far off when you consider the free shipping.

A Quadcopter is an awesome little remote control toy with a six-axis system that allows the toy to be hand launched. It has a 2.4G transmitter with speed adjust-ability.  It can fly both indoors and outdoors. Because of the stability of this unit and the design, it has multiple functions:

  • up and down
  • left and right
  • backwards and forwards
  • left and right flying
  • hovering
  • 360 degree rotation

ALSO this quadcopter comes equipped with a camera for taking photos and for recording videos. This new version has something called "Headless Mode function" but I have no idea what that is. Any ideas my lovely little Moosers?

The package comes with the Quadcopter with Camera, a transmitter, card reader, USB charging cable, and more.  This little toy is sure to brighten the hearts of children and adults with its versatile functions and built-in camera. I think this just may be the toy deal of the month! Pick one up before the price changes on Amazon Canada as it so often does.


As this deal is straight from the manufacturer, it comes with free shipping with no minimum necessary. Seriously, buy this NOW. This is a toy you will not want to miss out on. This is the 2015 version so it is up to date and NEW. While I have seen older versions around the $20 - $40 range before, I have never seen one of these amazing devices priced so LOW. As an example, the  Bessky Cheerson CX-10 Mini 2.4G 4CH LED RC Quadcopter currently costs $32.79 and is the number one best seller in flying toys right now.

(Expiry: Unknown)


  • Jeremie D.
    I bought 2! Thanks for the deal!
  • Rick
    I just bought 2 as well...Yay!
  • Jakob D.
    I bought 2 as well =) Thanks Bargainmoose !
  • tnd
    great affordable gift for the tough to buy for age group for christmas toy donation! thank you.
  • lamariposavioleta
    Just bought 3….thanks!!!!
  • dee
    You will receive an email that the order was cancelled due to a pricing error, after you checkout. So they will not honour the price.
  • dholmes
    Just got a cancellation notice, citing stock issues. Of course the item is now back on sale for $62 from the same seller, so it's probably a safe bet to assume it was a pricing error that they are covering. Either way, I'd expect most people to have their orders canceled in short order. Was worth a shot!
  • Bob d.
    I ordered one but received an email from the company saying that they don't have any in stock. Went back on the link and you can order it but it's now $63. What a joke!
  • DavesGirl
    Mine got cancelled :( Said the product was out of stock but it is still for sale and the price has gone up to $62.79 :( :( I ordered it before 1pm Pacific time too... Anyone else get cancelled??
  • CouponAddict
    My order got cancelled due to price error. Anyone else's did too?
    • Flipstix
  • DavesGirl
    This is the email from the supplier lol AS IF they have looked for it for 2 days! "Dear, friend, I'm sorry to disturb you. Thanks for your your purchase from us, but I am sorry to tell you that now this item is out of stock, and we have looked for it 2 days, and still can not find out. In order to show our apology,we helped you cancel the order,pls you can understand. Have a nice day! Thanks a lot. Sincerely. Customer Support lily"
    • Flipstix
      I got the same email.
    • lamariposavioleta
  • Rick
    Same here, I'm thinking this is some sort of scam.....$9 for a drone..mmm
  • Harry
    order got cancelled. wonder any one bought at this price?
  • TND
    Second time this happened to me in a month... Getting the feeling that deal hunting on Amazon is a real waste of time...
  • JC
    Mine got cancelled, too. If this is a promotional scam then Amazon should be made aware.
  • Kristina
    I got the same email after I tried to order one this morning. Disappointing.
  • PS
    I filed a report with amazon online
  • Lambo
    Mine got cancelled too, but it did not say out of stock, it said it was a pricing error. This doesn't seem right to me, usually companies honour pricing errors but then correct them. In our case, our order was put through with the lower price and should have been honoured. We should all be writing to amazon.
    • jakob
      You are right as far as I'm concerned. The laws in Canada are in favor of the customer in "price error" situations. It prevent sellers to lure customers using pseudo errors in the pricing. However Amazon is an American company and as much as they want our bacon, they might not want our consumer protection laws :)
  • Laura
    I got cancelled too after ordering 4. Then the company tells me to order at a higher price and "after ordering" to let them know and they will "give a discount". wtf??
  • Avigayil M.
    Sorry guys! It sucks when companies are like this. :(
  • Anna W.
    I'd drop an email to Amazon customer service, you never know what you might get :)
  • jakob
    what a scam.. how does the refunding work if you paid by credit card?
    • Jeremie D.
      The charges are taken only when you have received the product
  • Sue
    Darn, I will be writing to Amazon as well as giving the company a LOW rating, as we all should, for this kind of sucky customer service.
  • AR
    Hi, I got a respond from amazon, they just told me to contact the reseller.....
  • Sue
    Interesting - just tonight did I get a message from Amazon saying that my order had shipped, and then a few hours later, 2 different messages from the seller with the same messages as above!
  • Sue
    Should I be concerned about being charged and refunded by this sham of a co, do you think?
    • Anna W.
      Hi Sue - I wouldn't worry - it's all done through Amazon marketplace, their procedures are safe.

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