50% Off Bluefinger Adjustable Backlit Gaming Keyboard Just $41 + Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca (EXPIRED)


I have always wanted a cool keyboard. That is the only down fall of having a laptop instead of a desktop, I truly wish to upgrade my keyboard but I can't unless I want an extra unnecessary  attachment to bring with me everywhere. If I did need a keyboard though, I would definitely snag this Bluefinger Three Adjustable Colour Gaming Backlit Keyboard for Windows on sale for 50% off at Amazon.ca. This keyboard is on for just $41 and shipping is included.

Backlit keyboards would be wonderful for gamers, bloggers and anyone else who frequently uses their computer. I love to work behind my computer while watching TV or movies, but I prefer to have the room lights off. That is where the benefits of a backlit keyboard come in. It would sure make for less spelling errors, since I could easily see all of the keys. This BlueFinger Three Adjustable Colour Gaming Backlit Keyboard is fabulous. Both of my brothers own one and they wish they got it for this low price. Right now you can shop at Amazon.ca and snag this BlueFinger keyboard for just $41 instead of the regular price which was $80.

This BlueFinger keyboard is compatible with:

  • Windows 98
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows ME
  • Windows VISTA
  • Win7
  • Win8

The keyboard boasts a fashionable crackle type pattern similar to what the Crackle nail polish does. It has three different colours to choose from: red, purple and blue. You can also adjust the brightness to suit your preferences. The colour is easy to change with the FN+ SL keys. The directional key will adjust the brightness of the keyboard as well as more features. The keys are even made of ABS material which gives it a softer touch. Comfort is always important when you are on your computer for long periods of time, right?

So whether you need a new keyboard, or you have a gamer in your family, I suggest picking up this keyboard while you can. It will make an excellent gift or an excellent addition to your desktop or offie. There is an added bonus too! This Bluefinger Three Adjustable Colour Gaming Backlit Keyboard with the cool crack pattern comes with an additional free BlueFinger mouse pad as a gift. You will also get shipping included from Amazon.ca, since this item is over $25.

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