5 Places To Purchase Last Minute V-Day Gift Cards

14 February 2013

In case you forgot (despite our reminders) to pick up a gift and now its Valentine's Day and you have nothing. Don't despair... gift cards are still a great way to go! Many of them can be ordered online and emailed or printed out. Here are 5 different types of gift cards to cover partners of all interests.

  • Lush: If your partner loves long hot baths, warm cozy showers, and skin soft as silk - a Lush gift certificate is a great last minute gift. They sell bath bombs, bubble bars, shower jellies,  hair products, massage bars, lotions, perfume sticks and so much more.
  • WaySpa: Does your partner deserve a few hours of pampering and utter relaxation? Perhaps a spa day is the way to go. As previously mentioned they are referring 15% off gift certificates and there are around 2,200 locations to choose.
  • Amazon: If you are somewhat unsure of what your partner might like, perhaps the relationship is in its early stages, Amazon is the way to go. For the bookworm it has books and eBooks, for elected techno-geek it has electronics, for the movie lover it has plenty of DVDs and so much more.
  • Etsy: If your partner is a big fan of arts & crafts, home made, local sources, eco-friendly, and/or vintage then getting an Etsy gift certificate will bring a smile to their face. You can find anything on Etsy and it really appeals to the individuals trying to support small businesses.
  • SwarovskiIf your partner likes anything that glitters - she will positively glow with a Swarovski gift certificate. You pick out the amount and let her choose the piece that most complements her style - whether a necklace, earrings, ring, or even an ornament.

These are just a few ideas for those last minute situations. Happy Valentine's Day!

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