40% off select Timex watches @ Shop.ca

I've been hunting for a new watch, as I broke the strap on my old digital one last week. I've spotted that there are a couple of deals on select Timex watches from Shop.ca, at 40% off regular prices.

The deals on these 4 watches are particularly good:

Shock 30 lap classic watch was $79.99 now $48 - I like the colour - it's the reddish one pictured at the top right.

Originals 1970s dial inspiration was $105 now $63 - I do like the traditional dial style of watch, especially when it has that little extra dial for the date (third one across in my image above)

Originals 1900s dial inspiration was $105 now $63 - this seems more suited to a woman, it being purple, with a more feminine look. I like it. :)

Ironman traditional 30 lap over-size was $89.99 now $53.99 - this is pretty sporty looking, looks sturdy too.

Remember that all of the above deals come with totally free shipping. And if you are making your first order, you can get $10 off $100 just by signing up on Shop.ca - you might want to make your order up to that level.

(Expiry unknown)

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