$20 for $35 Tim Hortons & Canadian Tire Gift Cards!

12 December 2011

Quick post! Over on daily deals site Gaggleup, there's a deal for Tom Hortons & Canadian Tire gift cards for today only.

You might see "sold out" when you click the above link because they are releasing limited quantities throughout the day - check back often to see if you can grab a deal!

For $20, you are getting a $10 Timmies card and a $25 Canadian Tire gift card.

As I write this post, the "buy now" button is active and I'm able to buy.

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  • Ross
    Gaggle Up Canadian tire and Tim Horton's deal always crashes when I try it. got to payment screen , submitted, waited 4 minutes, it went back to start, and no deal paid in my Gaggle Up account. There Server must be overloaded.
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Yeah I think they're totally swamped. Good luck!
    I think their site is down...
  • Laura
    as I was going through checkout, the site went down! hopefully it works later, it's a great deal!
  • joy
    They also have a $10 Tim Hortons gift card for $5 available all day. Their site is painfully slow. Will try back later to try and get the combo deal.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      The landing page seems to be alternating between the 2 offers now - yes, very slow!
      • joy
        Combo offer is back up. Scored 1. Guess I'll be going to Timmies more than Starbucks in the near future. How awesome would a half off Starbucks deal be???
  • Peter
    Is this site reliable?
  • StfxAlum
    Just got one after refreshing the page for awhile! haha Thanks for posting about it!
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      I wouldn't blog about it if I thought otherwise :)
  • Lisa
    Worked for me! Thanks for posting this AWESOME deal
    Does it take very long to submit the credit card information at the confirmation page? It still shows "submitting" after about 5 mins....
  • TJ
    Right now it says they are sold out... hopefully more later!
  • olliedar
    Too late! Sold out!
  • TJ
    The $5 for $10 Tim's card is available though!

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