$17.95 for Kid’s Frozen T-Shirt @ Mad Deal Canada (Inc. Shipping & Tax)


I was walking through the mall earlier, singing “Do you want to build a snowman…” with my four year old daughter. Little did I know that a little bit later, I would be penning this blog post about Frozen t-shirts! Over on Maddeal.com, they’re selling the Children’s Frozen T-Shirt for only $12 plus $5.95 shipping, the total being only $17.95 including taxes and shipping to your door.

If you are interested in the pants combo that's pictured above, it’s $16 plus $5.95, coming in at $21.95 total. You can choose that option at checkout too. If you’re like me and you snap up bargains when they appear, you could consider buying this and putting it away until Christmas, or the child’s next birthday.

Frozen merchandise is hot, hot, hot right now! Last winter, the Frozen movie was released. Since then, it’s just exploded in popularity. My daughter has watched it about 15 times and I am sure the same story will ring true with many of you and your children. Do you have a Frozen-lover in your house?

Canadian Shipping

Regarding shipping, it’s just a shame that you cannot order multiple items and split the shipping charges between the whole order. With most of these daily deal type sites, there’s a set shipping fee per item… meaning you will pay that $5.95 for each item you order. But even so, it’s still a super price overall. Shipping does seem quite slow though, it’s 3-6 weeks.


There is an image on the Maddeal site which shows you the sizing options, so you can choose the right one for your child. You can see the sizing in relation to your child’s height, and choose the appropriate size.

Price Comparisons

It’s a bit hard to price compare this t-shirt, as ones on other sites aren’t quite like-for-like. But I will give it a try!

I was looking on the Disney Store (which sadly ships from the US). You can get basic Frozen tees there from around $13 on their own, pre-shipping, taxes, customs, duty, etc. I processed on through checkout to make sure the above price from Mad Deal was still competitive, but with international shipping, it comes to $37 each to order one t-shirt from the Disney store!

Over on Amazon.ca, there are various similar Anna & Elsa tees starting at $14.95, but you’ve got to add all the fees on top of that too. E.g. One of the $15 tees from an Amazon marketplace seller ended up being $22.75 once all the other fees were factored in.

Similar tees on Zazzle come in at around $30 once the shipping fees are included.

So based on the above research, I think the $17.95 prices on these Frozen tees from Mad Deal are pretty great.

(Expires 20th July 2014)


  • Carrie
    BEST deal for Frozen merchandise is on zulily.com Right now until July 11 you can save huge. Frozen t-shirts like you posted about are only 8.99 :) This is US dollars but I think it might still be a better deal. Plus you can find more variety. But you have to buy fast. Stock goes quickly
  • Anna W.
    Thanks for the tip Carrie. If buying from Zulily, the cheapest I can see is $11.49CA. This comes to a total of $17.44 including shipping and duty (but not taxes? No taxes on kid's clothing anyway?). So it's similar yes...

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