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14 May 2012

123inkcartridges.ca has a nice deal on HDMI cables. You can choose from several different cable sizes and when you buy one, you get a 3 ft cable added on for free. Also, the best deal of them all is if you buy a 50 FT HDMI cable you will get another 50 FT HDMI cable for free.

This HDMI cable if you buy one you will get a second one for free:

The following HDMI cables if you buy one you will get a 3FT HDMI cable for free:

These prices totally kick butt compared to anything you will find in your local electronic store. The bonus cable is really nice too. I have several HDMI cables going on right now, one connects my PVR to the TV, another connects the PS3 to the TV, and a 3rd runs from my computer to the TV. I need different lengths because each of my electronics is at different distances from the TV. The extra 3FT HDMI cable would be just perfect for the PVR or the PS3.

Free shipping on orders of $49 or more. Reasonable shipping below that!

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