Walmart Canada: Wii Mini & MarioKart Only $79

26 December 2013

wii mini

I found a little gem of a deal in Walmart's Boxing Day sales. Get the Wii Mini and the game MarioKart for only $79. The Wii Mini was selling for about $99 before Christmas and I have seen it for $80 for Boxing Day, but this deal is great because you get the free game too.

When researching Wii consoles, I considered the very inexpensive Wii Mini, but ended up opting for the more expensive Wii U for all its functionalities. But, seeing this deal I'm reconsidering this as a second game unit for my oldest son's bedroom. That way, the family can play the the Wii U together, but at times when we want quiet in the family room or to watch regular TV, the kids can play the Wii Mini upstairs. I just have to figure out the logistics of him having no TV, but I can work that out easily.

The MarioKart game that comes with this set is so much fun. MarioKart is probably one of my most favourite games and my family and I played it many times when I was a teen. I can't wait to play it with my kids!

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