WalMart Canada: RCA 32" Direct LED HDTV Television Only $169 (EXPIRED)

23 September 2014


With the recent influx of television deals, it would be a difficult choice to not replace your older CRT TVs. Though our tube shaped televisions have provided us with plenty of years of entertainment, flat screen TVs are becoming even more affordable. For example, today's deal at WalMart is for an RCA 32" Direct LED HDTV compatible TV, and it's only $169! This 32" RCA  LED TV normally costs $279 at Canadian Tire, which shows you just how affordable this TV is. You'll also get free shipping from WalMart for this 32" TV!

This is the perfect TV for a bedroom, a garage, or a basement setup. 32 inches is plenty of room for a secondary TV, especially if you plan to just use it to play video games on. The RCA 32" Direct LED television also has 2 HDMI inputs and a VGA input, so you can easily hook up your laptop or desktop computer to this TV. Though it can only display up to a 720p resolution, you can't go wrong for $169.

My brother actually has a 32" LCD TV set up in his home gym, and he finds it incredibly useful. It may not have the best quality, but he still enjoys it for what it is - a way to watch television while working out. Plus, he purchased it roughly 5 years ago for about $550, so you can really see the value in WalMart's current deal.

I've included 2 brief reviews of the RCA 32" Direct LED TV from satisfied WalMart customers below:

I am very satisfied with this 32 inch RCA TV. The price was great and the free delivery very speedy. I have not been a regular Walmart customer, but will certainly shop on-line with you again.

I bought this TV online at an AWESOME price. It was the best price anywhere. I have continued looking at the price in flyers over the past few weeks and it is at least $50.00 more in all other stores when it is on sale.I loved the free shipping too.

This TV is an affordable solution for those that want to replace the old tube television that's in their basement. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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  • Bellringer
    Why can't you use this as your main TV? I currently have a 21 inch old tube television which was an upgrade from a 15 inch one 3 yrs ago. I live in a condo and do not want to be blasted out by those new oversized televisions that are too big for one's rooms.
  • Ivan C.
    I actually have a 15" Batman tube television that I have in one room in a condo. It's cute, and allows me to still play Duck Hunt on my old Nintendo (the newer flat screen TVs don't support the old Nintendo Zapper). This 32" TV would also be great as a main TV - especially in a condo :)

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