The Bay Canada: Lord & Taylor Gloves Now $39.99

24 February 2013

The Bay Canada has a nice sale on Lord & Taylor gloves. Originally priced at $70 - $95 a pair, you can now pick up any pair for $39.99.

Try out these Lord & Taylor Cashmere Line Leather Gloves in vanilla. A lot of people tend to go for black gloves with black leather jackets and their entire profile looks black. I like to pair white gloves with black jackets as it adds a pop of 'non-colour'. It gives a lovely monochrome look without the funeral look. Only $39.99!

Another great option are these Lord & Taylor Rabbit Fur Trim Leather Gloves with your choices of three colours: black, pewter, or luggage. A lot of people are against ever wearing fur, and I understand that - but there is honestly nothing that warms as well as real fur if you live in the colder parts of Canada. I prefer my fur vintage - something that has been dead a long time and then I am just keeping the fur out of the landfill. But these gloves are lovely and if you need fashion meets function gloves - these might do the trick for you. They were $75 and are now on sale for $39.99.

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(Expiry: 28th February 2013)

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