Sears Canada: Up to 55% Off Heys Luggage

2 March 2011


Heys has some gorgeous luggage and you can get up to 55% off it right now at Sears Canada.

They actually have one set discounted above 55%, this Heys Eco Orbis 20'' Spinner with Beauty Case is on sale for 72% off. Originally $369.99, now the set is only $99.99.

My favorite pattern is this Heys 'Bellezza' Beauty Case in the blue morpho. It is 55% off, and has the lovely pattern of a blue butterfly.

(Sale ends 4th, March 2011)

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  • Heather H.
    Looking around a bit, it looks like Sears' Heys "original" prices are vastly inflated -- it's not really that big of a discount. Look around a bit before purchasing. I've found this with a few Sears products, when it looks like they're offering a really great deal. Their original price in such cases is usually really out of whack.

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