Workout To The New The Biggest Loser And Subway Workout Mix


Subway and The Biggest Loser have teamed up to compile some great tunes for a workout mix. The 130 MB mp3 download is available online, all you have to do is submit your email address, and voila! Free music.

Tracks include:

  • Bleeding Love -- Leona Lewis
  • American Boy -- Estelle
  • Umbrella -- Rihanna
  • Stronger -- Kanye West
  • 4 Minutes -- Madonna
  • Love Story --Taylor Swift
  • No Surprise -- Chris Daughtry
  • Sugar -- Flo Rida
  • Paparazzi -- Lady GaGa
  • When I Grow Up -- The Pussycat Dolls
  • Second Chance -- Shinedown
  • Damaged -- Danity Kane

The empowering rhythm of Kanye's Stronger always pumps up my adreneline to push me through my last reps!

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  • Jaime
    Fantastic deal!! The only thing is that all the music has been altered and is all the 'dance/rave' versions.....but I guess that is the point! It was just funny to hear one of my fav songs "Second Chance" By Shinedown in dance version!!!! But free is free!!! Thanks again!!!

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