Turn Your Favourite Photos Into Lego Models for Free With Legoizer!


I came across this awesome little webpage almost a year ago, and I had to share it. I just thought I would remind you guys about this nifty website. If you're looking for something fun to do with Lego, perhaps on a snow day with the kids or just for yourself, then upload your favourite photo to Legoizer and turn your picture into a Lego model. Legoizer is completely free, but you'll have to buy your own Lego blocks to build your model of course.

You will want to keep your image as basic as possible, the more colours there are - the more your Lego model is going to cost you to make. I also noticed that if you upload larger sized images, your Lego model estimate is larger. I uploaded a photo of my cat and the model it wanted me to built was 6 foot tall, so I decided on something a little simpler to tell you about. This zebra image still ended up 5'3" wide and 4'9" tall, but it is just an example. It looks like you can alter the size yourself. This image was 160 x 144 pixels, so the model instructions turned out to be 160cm x 144cm. So play around with your image size to get your desired model size.

At first I thought the website was not going to work. I clicked "upload photos" several times to no avail. What I did instead was drag and drop my chosen image from my file folder onto the Legoizer webpage. That worked well and the upload was fairly quick. Below your image you will find both the shopping list and instructions. Because of the size of my model, my shopping list is quite extensive. There are 160 lines in my instructions too, but thankfully you can choose one line at a time to be displayed.


I wouldn't imagine that this Legoizer tool will expire, but it may not always be free. I suggest you use it while you can. While I am not about to rush out and buy the 7000 Lego blocks required to make my horse head model, I might try to do something smaller for fun. That would be an excellent keepsake, right? If you are making it as a keepsake, I would suggest using some sort of glue to hold the blocks together so they last a long time.

Moosers, what image are you going to transfer to be a Lego model with this Legoizer tool?

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  • Laura
    Nothing works on the page you provided. Will not upload or anything.
    • Sam
      Did you read her instructions? Clicking on "upload" won't work. Instead, you have to open the folder where the image you want to "legoize" is and drag the image from the folder to the drawing that says "upload image here".

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