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Renovating your home can be intimidating – whether you are looking at it cost wise or task wise. You can either pay someone big money to get the job done, or risk being on that TV show where they feature horribly done home renovations. If you are wanting to learn some tricks of the trade and walk away with a free sample or two, then you should check out the free home & garden workshops that are offered at Home Depot Canada stores. Each month there are different workshops available for men, women and children.

There are several workshops available for the month of January at Home Depot Canada. They include Do It Yourself, Do It Herself and Kids workshops. I have attended a couple personally and I quite enjoy them, especially the workshops designed for kids. These are also an excellent way to get out of the house without enduring the cold. So here are the free workshops available from Home Depot Canada for the month of January:

Smart Home - Saturday January 3rd @ 1 PM

Attend the Smart Home workshop at Home Depot to learn how to remotely control GE Link Light Bulbs with the Wink Hub and application. You will also learn how to identify which home automation devices will require a Wink Hub.

Open the Door to an Organized Closet - Wednesday January 6th @ 7 PM

If you attend this workshop at Home Depot Canada, you will be taught the basic information needed to organize your personal items, choosing closet storage systems and even how to install the ClosetMaid Closet Storage Systems.

How to Build a Spinning Box  - Saturday January 9th @ 10 AM

This is a kids workshop, and it looks like fun. Attend this one and your kiddos will learn how to build a spinning box with the easy to follow instructions.

Renovate a Basement - Saturday January 16th @ 10 AM

If your basement has yet to be finished, then this is just the workshop for you.  Head on over to your local Home Depot store on this date and you will learn the steps needed to plan and renovate your basement.

How to Insulate - Sunday January 16th @ 1 PM

If you attended the basement renovation workshop, then you might also want to attend this workshop to learn how to properly insulate. Insulating basement walls will keep your newly finished basement warm and dry.

How to Install Drywall - Saturday January 27th @ 10 AM

Another important part of renovating your basement is going to be installing the drywall. This job can get messy if not done properly, so sit down for the morning for the workshop and learn how to select drywall, make cuts, hang drywall etc.

How to Install Laminate Flooring - Sunday January 24th @ 1 PM

I have some floors in my house that I wanted to replace, but paying someone to do it is going to be very costly. Maybe I can learn enough by attending this workshop, so that I can get my brother and I to complete the job. During this workshop you will practice as many of the steps as possible.

These workshops will give you a list of all items needed to get the job done, so you won’t end up returning to the hardware store multiple times to get your job done. So Moosers, which free workshops will you attend?

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