Totally Free Coffee From McDonalds Canada!

A friend called me up and mentioned that McDonald’s were offering free coffees. She’d seen it on an advert on TV about it today. I hunted on the McDonalds website and couldn’t find a mention of the offer! But there are details of it on the Mickey D’s facebook group!

At breakfast hours only, between the 20th April and the 3rd May, you can nab a free McDonalds premium roast coffee. It says one per customer per visit, but doesn’t state any minimum spend requirements. That means you don’t even have to buy anything to get your free coffee!!

When I’m in, I’ll probably pick up a hash brown to go with my free coffee!

It’s not often McDonalds do completely free stuff, but I’m sure they can afford it!And for those of you in Ontario and British Columbia, why not check out my previous post which shows you some great MacDonalds coupons (now expired)!

Thanks paulswansen.

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  • Debbie
    I clicked on the link and did not get any coupons from Mc Donald's. Also is there anywhere else that says you get free coffee from those dates? People at Mc Donald's will not give you anything free unless you show them an advertisement or a coupon for it.
  • Anna
    Hi Debbie. McDonalds have advertised this free coffee deal on TV and on their facebook page. Print out their facebook page if you want some proof :)
  • John
    My husband and I (both seniors) have just returned from travelling through the states. We enjoy the MacDonalds breakfast, but we received a senior coffee with refill for .50. Is this available in Canada
  • Anna
    I don't know John, you'll have to ask McDonalds!

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