Stream Media With A Free Copy Of Mezzmo (DLNA Media Server) With Conceiva Promo Code - $40 Value


Don't ya just love freebies? Enter the code below to get a free copy of Mezzmo at Conceiva. This software's retail price is of $39.72.

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  • Discount: free Mezzmo copy
  • Expiry: Unknown

So what exactly is Mezzmo? I have to admit that I had never heard of them before but as it turns out, it's DLNA (Digital Library Network Alliance) that allows you to stream media from a computer or NAS drive onto just about any device like a TV, a gaming console, digital media players, smart phones etc.

To get this freebie, you need to:

  1. Click the link above
  2. Add "The Ultimate Home Entertainment Pack" to your cart by clicking "buy"
  3. Remove "DownloadStudio" from your cart
  4. Erase the code already entered at the top right
  5. Enter the code above

There may be 5 steps but it's really easy and straightforward. If you don't remove DownloadStudio from your cart, the $39.72 credit will still be applied, making Mezzmo free, but you will be charged $33.09.

I'm always skeptical about the promise of any kind of freebies, especially software ones but I tried this one myself and it did indeed work. Here's a screenshot I took of the checkout:


Since I had never heard of Mezzmo before, I checked out CNET's review and was surprised to find that it has garnered an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars along with a download editor's rating of 4/5 stars. Here's what one reviewer had to say about it:

Easy set up. Streams anything! Easy to interact with, no need to be a computer wizard. Even my girlfriend learn how to use it and she is not very bright with computers.

It's definitely reassuring that it's easy to use, even for the non-techiest of people. Here's another review that offers a good to know tip:

Excellent software solution to stream media over a network. You need at least a DLNA capable client. This server software will allow you to stream most media across a network. You can even include folders from non-DLNA compatible NAS device.

Conceiva's guide on how Mezzmo stands up against competitor is also worth checking out as according to their comparison table, Mezzmo is significantly better -- slightly biased on their part, I'm sure, but it's still interesting to see the kind of features that Mezzmo includes like the ability to create playlists, fast speeds, transcoding, gapless playback and much more.

(Image Credit: Bago Games)

(Expiry: Unknown)


  • Jon
    Just tried it now and it seems to have expired or the promo code is over.
    • Glob
      Someone bought 999 copies and they canceled the coupon.
      • Avigayil M.
        O.o Someone was greedy....
  • ZinkFollowers
    Awesome freebie, but the coupon doesn't work anymore. I think they fixed the problem.
    • Margarita D.
      I just tried it again and it still works for me. Did you add "The Ultimate Home Entertainment Pack" (first one in the products list) and then remove it at checkout before applying the code?
  • ZinkFollowers
    Yes, I did. But when I enter the coupon, it says it's invalid.

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