Shoppers Drug Mart - Gift card with purchase

timmy Head on over to your Shoppers Drug Mart on September 12 & 13, spend $50.00 and get a free $10.00 Tim Hortons Gift Card.

I so need a new hair dryer so this is good incentive to head to SDM and scope them out plus the makeup stuff is always fun to look at.... plus hubby gets a present too!  Win - Win situation!!


  • jen
    I happened to drop in at my Shoppers today to pick up a few things and seems to have already started here (Winnipeg). They ran out of Timmy's cards so they were giving away store gift certs - I spent just over $100 and got $20 in vouchers, seems a pretty good deal :)
  • Lauren
    i'm heading that way tomorrow morning and that thought did cross my mind - what if they run out? so it's good to hear that they are honoring their giveaway in a different way. :)

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