Sears Canada: Free 10″x 30″ Spotlight Portrait with No Session Fees

8 September 2012

Sears Canada has a great printable coupon out right now that will get you a free 10″x 30″ spotlight portrait until October 31st 2012.

A lot of the time you will see free printable coupons like this but they will charge you a session fee.  When they charge the session fee, it ends up being more than the picture is worth.  This coupon includes the session fee so there are no hidden costs!

This coupon includes 1 photographic enhancement and will not be framed or mounted.  These pictures make great little gifts for family members.

I have used a few of these coupons for Sears Canada in the past.  I get my free picture and then print off copies myself at home for friends and family instead of buying a package.

With the busy photo season coming up, it is best to schedule an appointment for your free picture but you may do a walk in if the availability is there.

(Expiry: 31st October 2012)

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  • MTL
    You could at least give credit to the original poster .
  • Nicole
    Sears portrait is horrible. I used to be an employee there. The purpose of these coupons is to get people in the door. After, the sales session happens to try to up sell you into actually buying packages. Most people say no and, like stated above, make copies at home. The employees get reamed by the higher ups if they don't upsell. They are so hard on them. If a customer leaves without paying anything (most of the time - thanks coupons) they get written up and lectured. PLEASE invest in professional photographers, and not money grabbing corporations that are horrible to their employees. Thank you!

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