Recipechimp: Culinary Inspiration!


While this isn't a deal like I usually post, it's a really great idea for a site -

Here's a line from the about us page to sum it up:

RecipeChimp is an ingredient-based search engine. All you have to do is enter in some ingredients (comma separated) and we'll show you a ton of tasty recipe options. You can further refine your results by adding or removing ingredients to find the right recipe for your next meal.

So I personally think Recipechimp is a very handy resource.

Perhaps you are rooting around in your fridge trying to come up with a gourmet dinner, and can only find a few carrots, an onion, half a block of mouldy cheese.. why not make some savoury cheese soup!

(Thanks to PlayPennies)


  • Sharon
    This is a great idea. I puy it on my favorites list so I won't lose it. Thanks.
  • cher s.
    i'll definitely try this one out! thx anna!

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