Practically Free Apple Shaped Memo Pad @ DealExtreme!


Here's a way to get this Apple shaped memo pad from DealExtreme, pretty much for free! It comes in at $0.01us, which you can pay by paypal.

First of all, add the Unique Creative Apple Shaped Memo Pad to your cart. It's currently showing at $1.81us. Then add the DealExtreme promo code NEWYEARGIFT into the box where it says "any coupon." Make sure you don't paste any spaces in after the promo code, or this won't work.

This adds the same item for free! You can then choose to buy both memo pads if you want, or you can remove the first one from your cart. If you just want the "free" memo pad, your cart should then be $0.01, and you can order this memo pad with free shipping.

I've just ordered mine, so fingers crossed that it will come soon.

P.S. I've bought from DealExtreme a few times in the past. They're a Hong kong company which ship worldwide including Canada, but they're really good!

UPDATE - this deal was expired within hours of posting. Some people managed to get it for $0.01. Now, there is a $15 minimum spend requirement to use the coupon code.


  • Steven
    I just left the first one in my cart for $1.81 and added the second for $.01. I've never seen a note pad shaped liked a sliced apple -- I figured their promotion was meant for buy one, get one, and it's so unique, I just had to have two of them! Thanks Anna! You always find such great stuff!
  • Jenny
    I just recently put in an order for it but they never replied and my status is always waiting for supplier how long did it take for you to receive your items from deal extreme?
    • Anna
      It can take a few weeks.
  • Jodi
    I've been trying to apply the coupon code and nothing is happening. I'm wondering if it's expired already...
    • Anna
      Yes, expired now!
  • tdsII
    working again, but perhaps over 10 dollars
    • Anna
      It seems to be $15. Paypal have charged me the $0.01, so I'll hopefully be getting the free one. :)
  • Kay
    Has anyone received theirs yet? Mine still says "packaging", which is better than waiting for supplier but... not shipped yet.
    • Anna
      Mine says packaging too.
  • Anna
    Mine has now shipped!
  • Anna
    I forgot to say, I got this one a few weeks ago. What a great freebie!

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