Portable North Pole

*** Bumping for Christmas 2011 ***

Bargainmoosers Dawn and Kimberley sent me word about a kind of "freebie" which is doing the rounds on many forums lately. It's called the "Portable North Pole." You simply put in a few details about your child, and it creates a customized video of Santa, which you can show your little one.

The video it makes is very cute. One of my friends made a video for her little one called Edward, and I was quite surprised to see Santa saying "Hello Edward" at the start of the vid. Another of my friends chose to name her daughter something pretty non-traditional though and Tabitha wasn't in Santa's repertoire. He just said "hello there" in that case, and it wasn't quite as impressive.

One friend recorded her little son when he watched it, and his face was a picture when he saw Santa reading out of his special book.

I decided to create one for you guys to watch - here it is! (Sorry there are a few details that probably aren't right, I had to select some odd things!)


  • sunshine
    haha, omgosh this is hilarious, my sister was so amazed that it had her picture and knew her name, etc
  • Steven
    That is so cute Anna! I'll try to be a "good girl" this year....lol!
  • Amanda
    Really cute video! =)
  • liz
    that was really cute. my son (xander) enjoyed it, and even nodded and agreed with santa. and i was surprised the elf said his name (properly too!). thanks :)
  • Alison
    I have done this for my two daughters for the past three years and they never get tired of it. The look on their faces is priceless and you should have camera nearby. I also did one for a friend (who's and adult) and it was hilarious! You must try this!
  • Litesandsirens911
    thanks for this, I made a video for each of my nieces and they were thrilled.
  • SC
    www.magicsanta.ca is also fantastic -same sort of idea and you can even choose child or adult and for the adult, you can choose things they want for Xmas such as "A sense of humour" and Santa can also say, "Oh, I see here that you're an 'Old Fart!;" HIlarious!

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