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Dating is another online dating site, for singles looking for love! For a limited time, they seem to be offering a free 3 day trial membership.

After the 3 day period, if you haven't cancelled your trial, they will start to bill you for using the service, which is $29.95 per month - so if you only want to try out the service, make sure you cancel your account within the 3 days.

I don't have exact stats as to how many Canadians use this dating service. But as it is a free trial, you could sign up and see what it is like. Admittedly, Alexa states that only 6% of Perfectmatch's traffic is Canadian, so there may not be thousands of potential love matches for you on there... but you never know.

Now, having been in a pretty solid relationship for the past 8 years, I've never had the need for online dating (and I am hoping not to). I'm not a great judge of this type of service... have you used - what do you think?

(Thanks for the image nattu)


  • K
    I met my husband in an international chat room many years ago. He was in the US and engaged to some he loved very much. We continued corresponding as online friends using Messenger for a year or two. When his finacee suddenly walked out, he came from the US to visit me and to keep his mind off the break up. He moved into my place two months later. Five months after that we were married. Our seven year anniverary is in a few months :)
    • Anna
      Wow! That's a success story! Thanks K :)

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