Pedigree Denta Stix Free Trial Printable Coupon

Pedigree Denta Stix Free Trial Printable Coupon

When you sign up as a Pedigree Member you can get this coupon for a Pedigree Denta Stix Free trail Printable Coupon.

These dental snacks reaches into gums to reduce plaque and tartar buildup to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. Plus, nobody likes stale doggy breath.


  • Stephanie
    I try to redeem that coupon at Sobey's and they wouldn't take it. They said they had authorization to use the dog food coupons but not the ones for treats.
    • Anna
      Alas, we're all at the mercy of the cashiers :)
      • lizzerbober
        hi there , i use them at sobey's n they took them .as well as the taxs
  • Patti
    They took it at Zellers, (I did have to pay the tax)
  • Christine
    They would not take it at Zehrs either. They said they were told by head office to not take coupons that are for free items that are from the internet. I will try Zellers. Thanks.
  • Skip
    Zellers wont take them at all. Walmart did no problem, cashier even explained there is no tax(Amazing!!) Do not pay tax, and complain if they insist. Right from the ON RST guide: Coupons Offering Free Merchandise Free Taxable Goods, No Purchase Required A coupon that is issued by either a retailer or a manufacturer may provide for taxable merchandise to be given free of charge, with no requirement to purchase other merchandise. The person presenting the coupon is not required to pay RST on the free merchandise. In this case, the person bearing the expense of the free merchandise is required to pay RST on the cost of the merchandise. If you get loblaws full coupon policy they spell it right out no tax on free item even though their stores always get it wrong!
  • Ena W.
    I am in Trenton, none of the grocery stores here will accept ANY printed coupons. My last resort will be Walmart and Zellers, they may still be taking printed coupons. From what I have heard on a coupon site, many are having the same issue. No one will accept them.
  • joan
    i have 2 dogs that love them!

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