EA Origin: The Sims 10th Anniversary Sale - FREE Town Stuff Pack + Up to 75% off The Sims 3 Games

5 February 2014


EA made my wife happy with free expansion and 50% off The Sims 3 games and expansions on Origin!

Seriously. My wife was having kind of a crappy day until I noticed this. I grabbed her laptop and got the free Town Life Stuff pack. It hasn't showed up yet since it apparently takes them 72 hours to transfer the bits from their servers to my wife's computer but it's free so I can't complain right? So to brighten her day a bit more, she is going to pick up another expansion for 50% off. Not sure which one yet but she has a lot to pick from.  They aren't all 50% off but almost all of them are. You can pretty much pick any expansion/stuff pack.

And if you haven't picked up The Sims 3 yet, get out of my house. Or pickup The Sims 3 for 75% off! It's only $4.99. Normally it's $19.99 so you're saving $15. Of course the main game is cheap so you'll pick up an expansion too.

It's kind of crazy that The Sims has been around for 10 years. It just seems like so long ago. 10 years. Makes me feel old. I remember picking up The Sims when it first came out. I had loved SimCity for years so a lower level version of that was very intriguing. I enjoyed it but I didn't love it. For whatever reason it seems to appeal heavily to the women in my life. My wife and her sister both love and play it . My Mom even played it for a bit. I always liked building the houses and getting the stuff but not so much the simulated life stuff.

This is a PC or Mac Digital Download so you don't pay shipping. The free game can take up to 72 hours to show up so keep refreshing!

(Expires: 11th February 2014)

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