Netflix Canada Free Trial!

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As we mentioned in a blog post about Netflix Canada a while ago, they are now live in Canada!! Plus you can get a one month FREE trial!

You can join Netflix Canada and get unlimited streaming of movies for only $7.99 per month, if you decide to continue on after your free trial.

I think it’s an excellent price for the monthly movies. Netflix is a really popular service in the US, so I am really glad they are starting to get into the market in the Great White North. They don’t do a postal service just yet, it’s just a streaming online service – but if you have a decent internet connection, then this could be handy for you. It's great to have a one month free trial so you can see what the service is like.

You can browse their movies, if you want to see if you would like what they offer.

Bargainmooser Andrina has tried out Netflix Canada and here are a few comments  from her:

A 1 month free trial is great, it does require a credit card though. It's $7.99 a month after that. They have a great selection, though some movies are not available like Star Trek, or Back to the Future.  They're listed there but show as unavailable, maybe they'll be available in the future.. The video quality is great! With my internet connection it's super speedy, not very long at all to load videos (streamed video, don't have to wait until the entire video is downloaded to view it).

Now, I haven’t tried it yet so I have no idea how good the service is – if you sign up, why not leave your opinion in the comments below?


  • Hyena
    I signed up this month to Netflix because I wanted to watch TV online. I like how Netflix streams, everything is very fast and easy to find. The problem is that they don`t have much of a selection, so I`ve pretty much run out of things I want to see.
  • Nadia
    We like it, the movies are excellent quality! The only problem is there is no new releases. And I couldn't find my favorite tv show either :(
  • financiallyfreeinbc
    I haven't yet signed up for the simple reason that, while they do have some things, their library is by no means anywhere near comprehensive. I realize that it takes time to get licences etc but they could have waited or give us ETAs on many of the current, more popular shows. I won't sign up until they improve.
  • Egonis
    NetFlix doesn't allow pre-paid credit cards... how lovely! Also, if you try to use PayPal -- they allow only credit card payments. I fail to see how 'free trial' equals providing credit card information, let alone not allowing payment of 8 stinking dollars from a perfectly responsible payment method.
  • megan
    Hi . Netflix need to ne updated theres no new movies i dont want to pays for movies i se en befor
  • John M.
    Why do I keep getting a "forbidden to access using this server" message when I try to access my paid for account????????????
    • Anna W.
      John, please email netflix :)
  • Janet P.
    Unable to access account
  • george
    why does the movie keep freezing then goes to 25% and locks very annoying if this doesn't stop my 9 bucks will
    • Anna W.
      You'll have to ask Netflix!!

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