Neilsen Homescan Surveys: Earn Rewards


If you're interested in participating in surveys to gain some nice perks and prizes, Neilsen surveys operate a good incentive program here in Canada, called HomeScan.

Here's how it works: they send you a bar code scanner, and you scan the bar codes of items which you purchase in the home, like your groceries. It sounds like it only takes a few minutes, as you would just do it as you are putting your groceries away. Once a week, you submit the information on your purchases to them, via a USB cable on your PC.

There's a bit more info on their about us page, if you'd like to read it in more depth. From what I can tell, it's free, and confidential.

Scanning your purchases earns you points, which you collect and can then redeem for gifts. From the image on the landing page, the gifts shown are things like GPS systems, health grills, camcorders... I don't have a full list of the gifts yet.Homescan-1

Neilsen are one of the biggest survey companies in the world, they are a very reputable brand name, so absolutely legitamite.

If you have a little spare time, and want to try and earn some nice perks, the program could be quite handy.

I haven't used this program yet, so I have no personal experience of it. Are any of the Bargainmoosers already members of this? What are your opinions please?


  • Violet S.
    I have been a member for about 2 years. You should scan all purchases (corner store, grocery, clothing, alcohol etc). It takes a while to accumulate points and you must be diligent about submitting every week in order to get the most benefit. You also answer surveys which earn you points also. Points are not based on the amount you spend, but earned on remitting and answering the surveys. It can be fun but can also at times be time consuming especially if you do a large grocery shopping. I do enjoy it and continue to submit however I do know of a few people who have returned their scanners. It's really all a matter of patience and remembering to submit. You also have to remember to scan other household members purchases and sometimes the surveys are for more than one member of the household. Once you are in the practice of doing it, it becomes a habit, and I set myself a reminder on my email calendar to remit each week. If you go on holiday, you can scan a code on a sheet they give you so you still get your points for not submitting while away. If you shop in the States you cannot scan those purchases, only the ones you make while at home. Like I said it can be fun and you would have to try it for yourself to see if you like doing it.
    • Anna
      Hi Violet. Many thanks for your personal comments on this service - it's great to hear a first hand opinion. Welcome to Bargainmoose!
  • Lesley
    Doesn't include Newfoundland or the Territories?!?!?!? BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Jeanine R.
    Hi Violet, I am curious. I live in Toronto, do you which areas they give the scanners to as I would love to participate!
  • jennifer g.
    Hi, I have used Neilsen Homescan Surveys in the past and it was a horrible experience. If you forget to submit the data a couple of times or have problems with it, they start calling you at night to harass you - they were extremely rude with us. I told them repeatedly that I'm hard of hearing and that it was difficult to hear the instructions on the phone, they simply didn't care nor understood the issues - instead they sent me an awful letter threatening to send the collection agency after me. Don't even bother with them, it's not worth it. The staff was horrible and didn't even reimburse me for the amount of time and effort I put into it.

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