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10 February 2013

Lucy hates wasting her minutes waiting on hold. That's why she created LucyPhone. Actually it was created by a couple of guys named Mike and Tom but that's neither here nor there...

I, like a lot of Canadians, don't have a home phone. I only use my cell phone and I only have 200 minutes of talk time per month. This works out fine for me because I basically never talk on the phone and when I do it's often within the free evenings and weekends and even more often to one of the five numbers I call and text for free. One notable exception is calling companies, I'm talking about calling your bank or your ISP.

You can spend a lot of time waiting on hold and if your issue is complex, you may end up having to call back multiple times. For someone who is often near their talk time limit (or even for those who aren't) having to wait on hold forever can end up costing you on your phone bill at the end of the month.

LucyPhone strives to end hold time. The way LucyPhone works is you choose who you want to call via their website, Android app or iOS app and enter your phone number. It can be a cell or a land line, it just has to follow the 1-###-###-#### phone number structure. Lucy will then call you and connect you to the company you wish to call. From there you can push * * and Lucy will come back on the phone. She will ask you which number you want to be called back on and ask for you to record your name so she can tell the phone agent who is calling. When you're done that, hang up and wait for the company to call you! It all happens in a matter of seconds and is a great way to save time and money.

Once you give LucyPhone a try, let me know how it worked. Are you going to keep on using it? Comment below!

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  • Sarah
    Great idea! I was lamenting about this lately. I will try it today with a company I need to call!

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