Krispy Kreme Canada: Buy Any Dozen & Get A 2nd Dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts Free (April 28th Only)

26 April 2014

krispy kreme

Who doesn't love a freebie?  Freebies are even better when they are delicious food!  Head into your local Krispy Kreme on Monday April 28th and you will be able to get a delicious freebie from them.

When you buy any dozen doughnuts, you will get a second dozen of original glazed doughnuts absolutely free! You can mix and match what doughnuts you want to order, so I suggest checking out some of their limited time offer new flavours.  They have two new featured flavours and both of them are making my mouth water with just their names.  Check out the Caramel Dutch Apple Pie and the Key Lime Pie.

They are doing this offer in honor of National Hero Day, where we celebrate our local heroes such as police officers, firefighters, doctors and other people who help change our lives.  If you get this deal and bring the doughnuts into your office that day, I have a feeling you will become a hero yourself!

It doesn't actually list a time limit to get this deal, so I assume it will be valid from opening until closing. It is a shame that they do not have a Krispy Kreme store in every province because they have deals like this on for many different special days.  I would not really advocate having doughnuts for breakfast everyday because that would not be great for a diet, but getting a treat like this every once in a while is totally fine.

(Valid April 28th 2014 only)

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