Kelsey's Restaurants Canada: $5 Gift Card w/ Purchase Of Every $25 Gift Card

18 November 2012

Kelsey's Canada is giving away a complimentary $5 gift card with the purchase of every $25 gift card.  Gift cards are redeemable at Kelsey's, Milestones, Montana’s, Swiss Chalet and Harvey's.  Offer is valid for a limited time while supplies last.

This is a great idea for those that like to dine out.  You can create a custom card with your own design, or choose from cards available.  You can even send an E-Card.  I think that it would be an awesome stocking stuffer.  It’s always fun to receive a gift card for a favourite restaurant.

Creating a custom card is pretty cool: select the template you would like, vertical or horizontal, then upload an appropriate image or select one from the gallery.  Then you can add a custom message in the font of your choice.

With E-Cards, you can create, print or email them to a friend with no waiting for shipping.  What a wonderful idea for friends and family that are too far to visit for the holidays.  I think it is awesome that you get a $5 card for every $25 one that you purchase, and the cards are also reloadable.

Shipping: $3.49 for regular shipping.

(Expiry: Limited time only)

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  • Judy
    I can't find any reference to the $5 card offer anywhere on their website. Can someone please direct me? The custom cards are great and I want to get a few! Thanks.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Hi Judy. There is an image on their home page advertising this, and it simply directs you to the gift card section. Just make sure that image is still there before you order... but I also cannot find a specific page on site that shows the offer terms, etc.
      • Judy
        OK I tried but no image once I get to the gift card website and get to checkout. On the Kelsey's page it does say you get a $5 gift card when you purchase *in* the restaurant itself. I don't want to complete an online checkout without confirmation that this promotion works *online*. Can someone please confirm? Thanks.
        • Gregson
          I also heard that you can only get the bonus $5 gift card when you purchase in the store. I did, however, go to a Swiss Chalet myself on the weekend, and the manager knew nothing about this promotion. I even heard an ad on the radio about this Cara restaurant chain promotion, but so far neither the Kelsey's store or the Swiss Chalet know anything about it (at least here in Guelph, ON that is).

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