IGA: Free Box of Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars


Thank you so much to Mooser Jacqueline for sending us this deal, its fab! You can get a box of Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars absolutely free just by taking this coupon into your local IGA Market Place!

This coupon is good till the 19th of September, 2010

Their store locator function isn't working too well but you can try these two websites to find a store near you:

I don't particularly like NV granola bars but my husband does and use to always take them to work as a snack. A box usually costs $3 - $4 where we live so this is a nice coupon!


  • Annie
    Thanks so much for all the freebies you get on here. I love NV Bars so this will be awesome!
  • Annie
    I went yesterday to Foodland which is owned by IGA..on the website it takes you from IGA to Foodland..so I went yesterday and got one for me and my mom came with me. Everything was fine. I took my sisters today to the exact SAME STORE and they WOULDN"T ACCEPT the coupon at all. I said "i was just here yesterday and got one." The cashier got the manager and he said no. I was like what the heck. Atleast I got one yesterday and so did mom..but what the heck. Thought i'd let you all know. It's done now today anyways. Anyone else have problems?
  • Dawna
    I've gone to IGA before with computer printed coupons, and I was notified (also by the manager) that they no longer accept internet-printed coupons. :( That is total bunk since the coupon I had specifically said that it could be redeemed at IGA.

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