Harveys Canada: Free Hamburger Day!

(23rd May 2009 - Bumping for tomorrow)

(Original date - 5th May 2009) Heads up! Time to dribble! It’s free hamburger day @ Harvey’s Canada!! This is the day that Harveys’s restaurants are giving away Harverys burgers for free! How cool is that!?

  • Date: Sunday 24th May 2009
  • Time: 10.30am – 3pm
  • Where: Harveys Canada

Make a note of the date, write it in your diary, stick it on a post it note on your forehead, get it tattooed on your arm. I expect Harveys to be very very busy on this day. Maybe you should plan to go early, and be prepared for queues of inhuman proportions!

I’m looking at their picture advertising the free Harveys burger, and it’s making me hungry!



  • Erin
    I can't wait for my free burger, even if the lineups will really be crazy!! Free burger day = family day!
  • Anna
    Plus it tastes so much better when it's free Erin!
  • Nash
    I missed the free burgers last year but this year i wont. Thanks for the news Anna :)
  • Anna
    You're welcome Nash - happy eating!

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