Google Play Store: My Wife's Top Four Free Android Games

1 October 2012

My wife is awesome. Just wanted to get that out in the open right off the bat. Because she is awesome, she has an Android tablet and plays games on it. She hates paying for apps so she has downloaded TONS of free apps. These are her favorites and you can have them all for free!

Garfield's Diner

As I mentioned, my wife hates paying for apps. This app though, has shown up twice on my credit card bill for in-game purchases. This means that she likes it so much that she decided to spend money on making it better. The game itself basically consists of you running Irma's diner while she is on vacation. Customers come in and you have to serve them quickly. As the game progresses you get more customers and you need to do everything faster.

Dragon, Fly! Free

I actually introduced this game to my wife. She usually plays with her tablet while she's doing something else so she doesn't always want a super involving game like Garfield's Diner. Dragon Fly is just about the easiest game out there. You quite literally only need one finger to play. You are a baby dragon who has escaped from its mother. Your dragon, who is apparently greased, slides along the hilly landscape and launches itself off of hill tops to soar through the sky. When you start to descend again, you press on the screen to make your dragon fall faster. The aim is to hit a downward slope at the proper time to launch your dragon off the hill on the other side of the valley. The mama dragon is chasing you so if you mess up too much, she catches you.

The Sims Free Play

The Sims is one that I have not played, but I have played some of the Sims games on PC. The tablet version is the same idea, you are a person and you live out their life, but with one big addition. The addition is that it is heavily goal-oriented. In the PC version of The Sims you can live by yourself the whole game and do just fine. In this version, the whole point is to work towards goals. So you might have a goal (and I'm making these up) to get to a certain level of friendship with 5 people. You do that and you advance in the game. Another might be to get married. You do that and again, you advance.

Cooking Dash

Another one I've played! I didn't tell my wife about this one but she was using my tablet and wanted a game to play, so I told her to search for "cooking mama" (a food cooking sim on the Nintendo Wii and DS) since it seemed like there would be a similar game on a touch device. Cooking Dash is the one she looked at first and she stuck with it. It isn't the same as Cooking Mama, but rather a mix of Cooking Mama and Garfield's Diner. You are a chef and people are lining up to get your food. You need to cook and serve it before they get upset and leave. This game is beyond addictive and you can easily lose yourself in it for long stretches of time because it's so intense!

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