Free Udder Covers!


Sorry I have been short on the deal posts over the last few days folks. I was travelling back from London (England), and I wasn't prepared! I hope to make it up to you by sharing some great deals over the next few days.

First up, you can get free "udder covers" when you use this promo code.

Click here to order your free Udder Covers online

  • Coupon Code: CHRISTMAS
  • Discount: Free udder covers worth $32

Alas, this isn't totally free. You have to pay $8.95 for the USPS shipping. Even so, that's still not too bad.

If you don't know what this product is, it's basically a special blanket which you can use when you are nursing your baby. It gives you a bit of privacy from prying eyes, when baby needs some supper!

Thanks to Jody for the email!


  • Lorri-Ann
    Thanks for this, I ordered the black one. The only store that sells them around here charges $60
  • Mary J.
    Hi, the rumour around JustMommies board is to be leary about this one. There have been reports that they sell your information, a few had fraudulent charges on their credit cards. Others had no trouble at all so...just a heads up.
    • Anna
      Well I always recommend googling and doing your own research before purchasing from a new company. P.S. I posted as I have seen this deal many times and many people across the internet successfully received it.
  • joy
    i ordered one as a gift. I haven't noticed any false charges yet but have started receiving several emails from online drug stores (if you can call them that) since I gave them my email. Glad I used my junk mail address for them. If anyone needs some good deals on Viagra I can send you a link!! :)
  • Leanne
    I received mine last week : )

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